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But in case you do, here ya go: after superhuman performances from lebron james in games 2 and 3, the warriors took back control of the series with back-to-back wins in games 4 and 5. You decide james has been the most dominant player in the nba for the last decade he has been a household name in america since he was a junior in high school. But before you decide to duke it out, let's take a logical look at the numbers we do have: lebron james: 2004 to 2015 (12 seasons) michael jordan: 1985 to 2003 (15 seasons. The easiest way to start an argument these days is to bring up lebron and michael jordan in the same sentence and just watch people go crazy as they debate for days on end if you decide to spice.

The context, or caveat, with those numbers is lebron's playoff competition has been subpar, compared to the championship path of other modern-day superstars like michael jordan and kobe bryant. Recently, nba legend kobe bryant was a guest on the hoopshype podcast and he had a wide-ranging conversation with alex kennedy they discussed his influence on today's nba players, whether he. Page 2-attention kobe /lebron families: nba forum as the founding father and leader of both families, i have yet to decide the course of actions for the following days i will conduct a series of high-end meetings with myself and come up with a plan meanwhile everything is permitted, you can be-friends or destroy each other as u see fit.

Mj, lebron, kobe: you decide essay 1410 words | 6 pages signature abilities and build a reputation that would get them drafted to the big league. Michael jordan is alive, well, doing interviews, and tweeting kobe bryant just retired and is still somewhat active in his involvement with his 20-year employer - the los angles lakers lebron james is still playing and playing very very well. Page 3-isiah thomas: i'm picking lebron james over michael jordan nba forum. After reading some recent articles that make declarations like, kobe's the greatest of all time and whatever you say is wrong and oscar and wilt and bird would never be able to play today. Either person you decide to pick kobe or lebron is going to find themselves eventually playing for the lakers anyway so it really doesn't matter when mj quit.

Essay mj, lebron, kobe: you decide not only was he a very talented high school player but just like kobe he skipped the collegiate level to head straight to the nba for true superstardom the young phenom's name was lebron james. You are entitled to your own opinion on who is better lebron or kobe, but to say that lebron is better by far has to be a joke lebron has a long way to catch up to kobe bryant he has a lot longer way to go to catch up to michael jordan. Look, lebron is a freek of an athlete but just because you put up big numbers and 95% of the sports world is humping your ego on a daily basis, that gives you no right to get away with blatant fouls. From the moment you decide to become a fan of a team, you begin to tie yourself emotionally to your squad, the rest of the fans, and the players as well these brotherhoods can get pretty intense, and when it comes to the laker fraternity they are among the most intense of all.

Mj lebron kobe you decide

Mj beat lebron's rookie stats by a mile, that includes rebounding which he's supposed to dominate let's look at both players' career stats rebounding is one department any good forward should do more against any good guard but in this case of comparison, lebron is only a rebound better. Shannon sharpe discusses lebron james' ig video of his game-tying 3 to end scrimmage he thinks lebron james is a better career three-point shooter than mj and kobe. Shaquille o'neal said he would pick kobe bryant and michael jordan ahead of lebron james if he had to decide. In today's talking head, 24-hour sports news cycle there are some assumptions that have become common knowledge most notably, the greatest basketball player of all-time is michael jordan and lebron james is chasing him.

Below we have a chart that we found online which compares michael jordan vs lebron james career through exactly 1,072 games their stats are very close to the same you can see why it is so difficult to pick the better player between the two. You're game 5 in the nba finals, 6 minutes away from elimination and you decide to go sit on the bench i just tuned in so i don't know what happened previously but he doesn't look hurt at least he had that cramp excuse game 3 but now, this is why i have no respect for lebron.

Lebron is honestly better than kobe, but even lebron needed help when he was on the heat, he had stars like wade, bosh and allen with some decent bench players kobe had gasol, shaq (obviously not in the same year) and a good supporting cast. I dont think you can make much of an argument for kobe over jordan, maybe over lebron, due to rings, but jordan is just simply better than kobe was i think you can make an argument for lebron over jordan, but it relies heavily on weighting the ability to rebound more and playmake slightly higher than jordan. Maybe you should go back to using lebron, he can make a much more better arguement against kobe than wade, if i am a wade jocker, i would definitely try to use lebron against kobe as much as possible, cuz god knows there aren't many things wade did that stack up again an all-time great. Michael jordan on if he could beat lebron james in his prime: this is the espn question it's going to be all over espn it's going to be all over espn if i was in my prime, could i beat lebron.

mj lebron kobe you decide Shannon sharpe discusses lebron james' ig video of his game-tying 3 to end scrimmage he thinks lebron james is a better career three-point shooter than mj and kobe do you agree with shannon.
Mj lebron kobe you decide
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